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Welcome to Posada Esperanza, Casa’s sister home for women and children. Founded in 2003, the shelter began with one small house nestled in East Austin and has now expanded to four beautiful homes. At the time, founder Patti McCabe was a yearlong volunteer through AmeriCorps with Casa Marianella — when a family sought shelter with them, in a place catered toward adults. McCabe saw the need for a family shelter in Austin to serve this doubly disenfranchised population, experiencing homelessness and recently immigrating to a new place. She dedicated her life to this work and still serves as Program Director.

Posada serves to continue to mission of Casa Marianella, albeit with special attention paid to providing the circumstances necessary for women and children to feel at home. Posada’s nurturing and hospitable environment for families has helped propel their residents towards self sufficiency and empowerment. Posada Esperanza roughly translates to “resting place of hope” and that is truly what Posada has become.


Posada offers case management to mothers, along with helping women set goals and navigate the social service system- which can be a bit tricky at times. Posada also provides educational classes for residents and helps children build strong communication with their schools. Children are offered after school tutoring and homework assistance- the tools necessary to help them succeed. Above all, Posada strives to create community through supporting and uplifting residents. In 2015, Posada housed 97 total residents and 59 families — with 78 percent of families having “successful exits” as defined by H.U.D. (That represents 46 out of 59 families.)



“I love living at Posada Esperanza,” says Saadia, a Somalian resident. “The people here are so kind and hospitable that I gave my baby the middle name, ‘La Posada,’ so he will always remember where he was born!”

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If you wish to donate, visit Posada’s Wishlist to view donation items that are highly needed.

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”  -Mother Teresa

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Sonia volunteers as an ESL teacher at Casa Marianella. By day she is a Digital Marketer, and by evening and weekends she is working on Casa's website and marketing presence to help spread Casa's amazing mission.

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