Ever since I arrived, Sofia has been volunteering mornings throughout the week. She did our laundry and cooked, but she also did much more. She took care of our residents who needed the most care, and she did so with a joking, motherly demeanor that charmed all of us. And I think all Casa staff have had more than one over-rushed morning saved by Sofia miraculously appearing with a plate of eggs, tortillas, and beans. The only thing you didn’t want to do was something wrong in the kitchen when she was there, because she’d let you know about it!┬áSofia’s gone back home to Mexico now to see her family and get some medical treatment. We’re hoping she comes back soon!


Note by Jennifer Long:
‘Sofia has been a tremendous asset to the Casa community. Her special gift is care for the sick. I particularly remember the loving kindness she showed toward Don Jose in his last months on Hospice: feeding him, bathing him, washing his clothes, teasing him, giving him hope. She is a miracle worker!’