Casa Marianella Show and Tell Fall 2016

We had a blast at our Fall 2016 Show and Tell event. Our residents worked hard the week before to prepare for their presentations. ESL Levels 1, site 2, case and 3 combined within the level 2 classroom and students took turns standing in front of the class and presenting what they have worked on.


Stepping In Front of the Crowd

Some students spoke about their immigration experiences, more about and the harrowing events that took place on their way to the American border. Others presented photos of their family, or important items and historical events that they wanted to share with the class. Some brought their talents to class and ending up doing football tricks or performing musical numbers for the other excited students!


We are so proud of our residents and students from the Austin community for sharing their life experiences and what events have helped mold them into the people they are today. Their willingness to share their lives with us is truly amazing, and we are excited to continue with Show and Tell going forward! It is important to us that our students become comfortable speaking in front of class, being able to practice their English and collaborate with other students to form their presentations.


Thank you to our ESL Coordinator for continuously bringing such a strong collaborative, open-minded, exciting ESL experience to our students and the ATX community. We are very blessed to have her on board and we are very thankful for her contributions and leadership.

Until the next Show and Tell! Hope to see you there!

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Sonia volunteers as an ESL teacher at Casa Marianella. By day she is a Digital Marketer, and by evening and weekends she is working on Casa's website and marketing presence to help spread Casa's amazing mission.

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  1. Kate January 26, 2017 at 2:56 pm - Reply

    I loved reading about this–what a fun, rewarding event! Thanks!

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