Our Hosting Program is open to Austinites who are willing to share their home with an asylum seeker in ATX. We are so thankful for the love and support our new program has received thus far. This program is largely beneficial for everyone involved, and is a great cultural opportunity for the host! We’re answering some common questions about this enriching program, to help you gain a better understanding for our mission.

How Long Will I Be a Host For?

We are asking Austinites to open their homes to 1-2 residents for 3 months after they have stayed with us at Casa Marianella for the first 3 months.

What Are the Requirements for Becoming a Host?

We’re requiring that hosts provide a safe and comfortable environment for our residents, near a bus stop. We ask that you provide a private room (for one or two people). We also require you provide some food, including one communal meal a week. This will help encourage cultural integration and community! We also ask that you provide basic toiletries.

You can read full requirements and expectations HERE.

What is Expected of Me as a Host?

Hosts are expected to work towards building a relationship with the resident staying with them, which includes a healthy cultural exchange. We’re here for anything you need help with along the way, that’s why we encourage hosts to attend a monthly meeting after Convivio to check-in and make sure everything is going well.

Here are a few things we do NOT expect from our hosts:

  • Host do not have to provide transportation.
  • Host do not give money to their residents.
  • Hosts do not help resiedents with their legal case.
  • Host do not need to know where residents are at all times.
  • Host do not need to help residents find housing after the three months. (But may help if they wish)

You can read full requirements and expectations [HERE].

What Resources are Provided to Me?

Casa Marianella will provide monthly support and information meetings after Convivio, along with mentor insight from past hosts and one-on-one communication with our Hosting Program Liaison & Director. We will also provide information sheets including a conversation topic resource list, information on common characteristics of asylum seekers, and guides for communicating with limited English speakers.

How Do I Complete the Host Application?

Simple! You can apply now on our website and get started at: