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Ashley volunteered as an ESL teacher at Casa Marianella for over 3 years. She now manages the website and supports the marketing team to help spread the word about Casa's incredible mission! You can reach her at:

ESL Improv Games Night

Improv Games Night was such a hit! The evening was led by Amy Knop-Narbutis, three of her colleagues from local improv workshops, & ESL teachers Jedda, Max, & Camille. The games played included Bunny Bunny, Eights, Mirroring, Pass the Clap, Rock Paper Scissors and many more! In the words of our beloved ESL Coordinator: "We [...]

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A Special Thanks to the Loving Network of People Supporting our Immigrant Community

2017 has been an incredible year for Casa Marianella thus far. The support we have received for our newest home for two parent immigrant families, Casa Salaam, has been incredibly humbling. Through it all, we owe a large part of our success as a nonprofit to the kindness of the Austin community, including many different [...]

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Casa’s First Annual Summer ESL Game Night!

Our first annual ESL Summer Game Night was a blast! Students and teachers alike gathered on a warm June afternoon to enjoy various convivial activities planned by our very own creative ESL Coordinator. A few of the games we played included Sponge Races, Water Balloon Relays, "Run Waiter Run," Water Balloon Pops, Water Balloon Tosses, [...]

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The Young African Leaders Initiative’s Fourth Visit to
Casa Marianella

On the 3rd of July, 25 Mandela Washington Fellows (Young African Leaders) gathered at Casa Marianella to enjoy a wonderful, warm evening full of fellowship and to share a meal with Casa’s residents and staff. This meeting was a part of the MWF student’s community service component while participating in a six week MWF-YAL Institute/Business [...]

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The Importance of Immigration

In today’s social climate it can sometimes be easy to overlook the importance of immigration and how immigrants have helped mold and shape our great nation into what it is today. At Casa Marianella, we value our immigrant residents from across the globe, and we truly believe in the positive footprint they will leave on [...]

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Casa Community Center Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Casa Marianella’s Community Center first opened its doors in 2007, ask setting up shop across the street from the original Adult Shelter on Gunter Street. From its humble beginnings, order the Community Center distributed donated clothing to the community and began offering Sonadores Anonimos, a 12-step program in Spanish, and a series of women’s work [...]

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SFC: Sharing Our Produce with Casa Marianella

Thank you SFC (Sustainable Food Center) for supporting Casa and bringing us fresh produce! About once a week, SFC delivers healthy fruits and veggies for our residents to enjoy from their beautiful gardens. Here is an entry recently posted on SFC’ blog that talks about sharing with Casa: --- SFC’s mission is to cultivate a healthy [...]

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The National Point-in-Time Count of People Experiencing Homelessness

Every year in Austin toward the end of January, hundreds of volunteers come together in the early hours of the morning to canvass Travis County and survey individuals and families experiencing homelessness. One of our ESL teachers Amy Knop-Narbutis has been volunteering for this effort for the past six years and is now leading a [...]

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