‘They Live Here, Now’ Premieres at SXSW 2018

It's been a busy 2018 for Casa Marianella thus far! With the excitement of our new home for immigrant families and the success of Amplify 2018, along with all the wonderful continued support we have received from the ATX community, we are truly feeling the love. And now, our good friend and incredible Filmmaker, Jason Outenreath, [...]

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New Casa/Posada Staff Take a Trip to the Border

After fleeing violence and persecution in their home country, thousands of refugees find themselves detained in immigration centers. Due to an array of challenges—including treacherous journeys, language barriers, lack of access to legal services, limited financial resources, and ongoing trauma and health issues—most folks confront incredible obstacles as they attempt to be released from detention, [...]

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October Convivio Brings Laughter, Music, and Community

Last Sunday at Convivio we enjoyed having residents DJ their favorite tunes! We also shared delicious food from Aster's Ethiopian and cooking by Queta, Sofia Gladys. In the words of our beloved staff member Kate Poor, "It's been a lovely night at Casa. Convivio and dancing and lots of community bonding." Several JVC (Jesuit Volunteer [...]

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Casa Marianella Participating in Giving Tuesday 2017

We’re just a month away from #GivingTuesday, a harmonious global day of donating, fueled by  social media and the power of the Internet. Last year Casa Marianella participated, with donations coming in from far and wide to help us continue our mission of hosting asylum seekers and immigrants from across the globe. All in all, [...]

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Building Hope: 150 Bricks at a Time

The “Build Hope Not Walls’ Exhibit and Fundraiser was created by Nick Ramos, a Brazilian immigrant living in Georgetown. Nick’s aim was to bring artists to create an exhibit that helps support immigrants and refugees. Each of the total 150 artists created a brick representing their individuality. Each brick was a unique work of art, [...]

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Casa Marianella Residents Enjoy Ceramics Lesson

At Casa Marianella, it's important to us that we provide safe spaces for residents to unwind from any stresses they are experiencing, and create an atmosphere that encourages creativity and relaxation. Two of our ESL teachers, Grace Wasson and Blair Pettit, saw a beautiful opportunity to introduce their own relaxing hobby of pottery into the [...]

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September Convivio Festivities!

This past Sunday we gathered for yet another festive Convivio! We enjoyed lots of delicious food thanks to Aster’s Ethiopian Restaurant as well as Queta, Sofia and Gladys’ cooking! We also celebrated a former resident's teenage daughter's birthday with a cake and live music from Spirit of the Drums. In the words of dear staff [...]

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ESL Improv Games Night

Improv Games Night was such a hit! The evening was led by Amy Knop-Narbutis, three of her colleagues from local improv workshops, & ESL teachers Jedda, Max, & Camille. The games played included Bunny Bunny, Eights, Mirroring, Pass the Clap, Rock Paper Scissors and many more! In the words of our beloved ESL Coordinator: "We [...]

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A Special Thanks to the Loving Network of People Supporting our Immigrant Community

2017 has been an incredible year for Casa Marianella thus far. The support we have received for our newest home for two parent immigrant families, Casa Salaam, has been incredibly humbling. Through it all, we owe a large part of our success as a nonprofit to the kindness of the Austin community, including many different [...]

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