Amplify 2018 is Less Than a Month Away!

Mark Your Calendar! March 1, 2018! 24 Hours of Giving! We're excited that Amplify 2018 is just around the corner. Amplify ATX is a 24 hour fundraising event that encourages the Austin, TX community to donate to their favorite nonprofits and other great organizations. With your help, we can make our total fundraising goal of $25,000 this year. With [...]

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Celebrating Diversity at Casa

At Casa Marianella, we embrace our diverse and growing number of residents from all across the globe. Many of our residents have crossed oceans and dangerous lands to reach the United States. We are constantly in awe of the sacrifices they have made, and we are eternally thankful for the support Casa Marianella has received [...]

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Top 3 Reasons to Host an Asylum Seeker in ATX

Casa Marianella is ecstatic to launch our new Hosting Program, allowing Austinites to open their doors to asylum seekers from across the world who are in need of transitional housing after their stay at Casa Marianella. We need your help and support as our program grows to become the success that we know it can [...]

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The Importance of Immigration

In today’s social climate it can sometimes be easy to overlook the importance of immigration and how immigrants have helped mold and shape our great nation into what it is today. At Casa Marianella, we value our immigrant residents from across the globe, and we truly believe in the positive footprint they will leave on [...]

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Eritrean and Ethiopian Christmas at Casa!

A Night To Remember! We had a wonderful time celebrating an Ethiopian and Eritrean style Christmas at Casa Marianella this past holiday season! There was plenty of amazing food, pharmacy music, diagnosis laughter, and camaraderie. Our residents are incredible, and preserving their culture is very important to all of us. The Casa family values diversity, [...]

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Casa Salaam: Renovations in Progress!

Casa has recently purchased a place for two parent families near the Adult Shelter houses. The house finally received it's name: Casa Salaam.  The building has been gutted and clean up is in progress. The property has a big yard with lots of space for children to play! Massive volumes of trash and brush have been cleaned away. An electrician [...]

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Casa Marianella Show and Tell Fall 2016

We had a blast at our Fall 2016 Show and Tell event. Our residents worked hard the week before to prepare for their presentations. ESL Levels 1, site 2, case and 3 combined within the level 2 classroom and students took turns standing in front of the class and presenting what they have worked on. [...]

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Big Thanks to The Still Water Foundation

The Still Water Foundation has generously awarded Casa Marianella $40,000 to renovate a house recently purchased to provide shelter for 2 parent families. Still Water exclusively supports charitable, religious, scientific and educational organizations primarily based in Central Texas. The Foundation focuses on the Arts, Environment, Education and Spirituality. Still Water receives applications by invitation only [...]

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