Hosting Program

We are thrilled to announce that we are launching a new Hosting Program in October, which is open to residents of the Austin community!

Our Hosting Program is an extension of our current residential program at Casa Marianella. We are asking Austinites to open their homes to 1-2 residents for 3 months after they have stayed with us at Casa Marianella for the first 3 months. Interviews for potential hosts, along with trainings will also occur during the month of September.

Our mission for our new Hosting Program is to expand our hospitality services and further enable immigrants and asylum seekers to obtain the resources they need to become fully self-sufficient. One of the most valuable resources the Austin community can provide is housing. The Hosting Program is a transitional part of our housing and case management program at Casa Marianella. We need your help and support as our program to becomes the success that we know it can be!

Become a Host

Be the change you wish to see in the world

  1. Check to make sure you meet the host qualifications.
  2. Complete the host application online.
  3. Have an interview at your home with Director & Housing Liaison.
  4. Read through our host training materials.
  5. Participate in a training session.
  6. Learn about the current eligible asylum seekers.
  7. Meet the asylum seeker(s) at Casa Marianella.
  8. Invite the asylum seeker(s) to your home for a visit.
  9. Arrange a date for the asylum seeker(s) to move in.
  10. Create a life-long bond!
View Host Qualifications


  • Monthly Support & Information Meeting (after Convivio)
  • Mentor Insight from Past Hosts
  • One-on-One Communication with Hosting Program Liaison & Director
  • Conversation Topic Resource List
  • Common Characteristics of Asylum Seekers Information Sheet
  • Guide for Communicating with Limited English Speakers

(Except in extreme circumstances, hosts are not given a stipend for the asylum seeker’s expenses.)

Thank you for your support and open hearts! Together, we can continue to provide a path to full self sufficiency for
all of our Casa Marianella residents.

Apply to become a Host

“Our experience in hosting these incredible guys has truly added so much value and joy in our lives. It has been amazing to build friendships with them, hear their stories and be apart of this new chapter in their lives. We couldn’t have asked for a more life-giving experience, not only for my husband and I, but also for our children. We have been given the opportunity to witness their beautiful cultures and make some very dear friends. What an enriching time we have had with them! “

Heather Dennison