We would like to send a special thank you to the Travis County Medical Alliance for their generous grant of $9,000 this year. The TCMA consists of physicians and their spouses who reside in and around Travis County. They have been supporting Casa with grants since 2014.

“The mission of the Travis County Medical Alliance is to assist the Travis County community with health related needs and to foster social networks for the family of medicine. The TCMA works in conjunction with the Travis County Medical Society and is an affiliate of the Texas Medical Association Alliance and the American Medical Association Alliance.”

Posada Esperanza has used the funds from the TCMA in the past to support the dental needs of their child residents.

Posada Director, Patti McCabe, weighs in: “A Posada mom went to her case manager with the feeling of defeat that she couldn’t afford to take care of her daughter’s dental needs. The 10 year old girl had impacted teeth and needed a palate expander to make space in her mouth for all the teeth to grow in properly and then braces to straighten them all out.  This procedure would have cost her thousands of dollars to complete. Her Posada case manager contacted an organization called DOS, donated orthodontic services that solely asked for a $200 deposit and partnered a local orthodontist with the client in need. Now the child is in good hands and on the road to a new smile. ”

We are very thankful for all the support the TCMA has provided Casa Marianella and Posada Esperanza, and look forward to continuously growing our strong relationship!