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September Convivio Festivities!

This past Sunday we gathered for yet another festive Convivio! We enjoyed lots of delicious food thanks to Aster’s Ethiopian Restaurant as well as Queta, Sofia and Gladys’ cooking! We also celebrated a former resident's teenage daughter's birthday with a cake and live music from Spirit of the Drums. In the words of dear staff [...]

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Learn More About Casa’s New Hosting Program

Our Hosting Program is open to Austinites who are willing to share their home with an asylum seeker in ATX. We are so thankful for the love and support our new program has received thus far. This program is largely beneficial for everyone involved, and is a great cultural opportunity for the host! We’re answering [...]

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Top 3 Reasons to Host an Asylum Seeker in ATX

Casa Marianella is ecstatic to launch our new Hosting Program, allowing Austinites to open their doors to asylum seekers from across the world who are in need of transitional housing after their stay at Casa Marianella. We need your help and support as our program grows to become the success that we know it can [...]

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ESL Improv Games Night

Improv Games Night was such a hit! The evening was led by Amy Knop-Narbutis, three of her colleagues from local improv workshops, & ESL teachers Jedda, Max, & Camille. The games played included Bunny Bunny, Eights, Mirroring, Pass the Clap, Rock Paper Scissors and many more! In the words of our beloved ESL Coordinator: "We [...]

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Casa Marianella Launches New Hosting Program

We are thrilled to announce that we are launching a new Hosting Program in October, which is open to residents of the Austin community! Our Hosting Program is an extension of our current residential program at Casa Marianella. We are asking Austinites to open their homes to 1-2 residents for 3 months after they have [...]

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