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Casa Marianella Reunites Family Separated at the Border

We'd like to share a recent example of how your donations are directly helping reunite families separated at the border. Family From Congo Separated at the Border Our home for women and children, Posada Esperanza of Casa Marianella, recently helped reunite a family from Congo. The father and his six year old daughter came to immigration [...]

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Why Posada Esperanza is Unique

Casa Marianella is comprised of multiple homes. To list a few, there is the adult shelter (821 Gunter Street), Casa Salaam for two parent immigrant families, and Posada Esperanza for women and children. Posada Esperanza was founded in 2003, when founder Patti McCabe realized there was a growing need for a shelter specific to women [...]

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Creating Ceramics at Posada Esperanza!

Two of our very own wonderful ESL teachers, Blair Pettit and Grace Wasson, have started teaching a ceramics class at Posada Esperanza! Blair and Grace have been creating ceramics for a while now, and have brought their talents to Posada to help the women discover a new creative outlet to relieve their stress. Their goal [...]

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Posada Celebrates Galentine’s Day with Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

Amy Poehler is best known for her sharp wit and feminist humor. Yet, buy in 2008 the comedienne founded Smart Girls, a non-profit organization aimed at helping young people cultivate their authentic selves instead of fitting in. This August, the organization’s cofounder Meredith Walker shared some of their positivity with Posada and strove to provide [...]

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Welcome to Posada Esperanza

Welcome to Posada Esperanza, Casa’s sister home for women and children. Founded in 2003, the shelter began with one small house nestled in East Austin and has now expanded to four beautiful homes. At the time, founder Patti McCabe was a yearlong volunteer through AmeriCorps with Casa Marianella — when a family sought shelter with [...]

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