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American Gateways Asylum Application Clinic Helps Casa Residents

At Casa Marianella, we shelter immigrants and asylum seekers in needs from across the globe: from Iraq to El Salvador, Eritrea to Mexico. We're committed to helping our residents stand on their own two feet again and become fully self sufficient in the ATX community and beyond. American Gateways has been largely impactful for our [...]

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Casa Marianella ESL Student Quotes

At Casa Marianella, we offer many services, ranging from legal support to housing to ESL courses to help our residents get comfortable speaking in English in their new community. Our ESL classes are in the evenings from Monday to Thursday and are open to the greater Austin community. We asked our wonderful ESL students what [...]

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Casa Marianella Reunites Family Separated at the Border

We'd like to share a recent example of how your donations are directly helping reunite families separated at the border. Family From Congo Separated at the Border Our home for women and children, Posada Esperanza of Casa Marianella, recently helped reunite a family from Congo. The father and his six year old daughter came to immigration [...]

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Volunteer Jorge Huerta Shares About His Experiences Helping Residents

The following was written by our beloved volunteer Jorge Huerta. He writes about his experiences as a volunteer, helping immigrants at Casa Marianella: --- February 20th, 2018 I close the cycle of participating as a volunteer. I would be in charge of Casa Marienella every wednesday while the staff meetings were taking place discussing evaluations, [...]

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Spring ESL Show and Tell Night!

March 27, 2018 Another epic Show and Tell Night for the books! The musical numbers were exceptional and I was so captivated by the many gripping and memorable stories told by our dear residents. I was especially moved by Jon’s story. Jon is so dedicated to serving Casa. He has been involved for over 30 [...]

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ESL Show and Tell Night Summer 2017

We had a fantastic time at our ESL Summer Show and Tell event this past Tuesday evening! As the sun set and the heat subsided, all three levels of students came together in the Level 2 classroom to share their stories, hobbies, photos, and more. The classroom was lit perfectly with twinkling lights, with a [...]

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Another Magical Show and Tell!

ESL Students Share Their Stories and Talents! We were so impressed with the amazing stories, photos and talents shared by our residents, ESL students and members of the Casa community- including a few of our ESL teachers and staff members! What we loved most was seeing the confidence exuded by our ESL students. For some [...]

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