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Sonia volunteers as an ESL teacher at Casa Marianella. By day she is a Digital Marketer, and by evening and weekends she is working on Casa's website and marketing presence to help spread Casa's amazing mission.

“I learned more and more about the mental struggles that immigrants endure when they decide to leave their homes.” – Tony, Volunteer

When I started my internship at Casa Marianella I did not know what to expect. My professional background is in cooking and working in restaurants, that was my first career. But at the ripe old age of 35 I decided to finish my degree in Mexican American Studies, with the hopes of continuing on to [...]

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Summer ESL Show and Tell a Big Success!

We had a blast at our latest ESL Show and Tell night. It was a fantastic opportunity for our residents to showcase what they've learned in ESL and practice their public speaking skills. Before our ESL Show and Tell night, our residents worked with ESL teachers to come up with a presentation to give in [...]

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Why Posada Esperanza is Unique

Casa Marianella is comprised of multiple homes. To list a few, there is the adult shelter (821 Gunter Street), Casa Salaam for two parent immigrant families, and Posada Esperanza for women and children. Posada Esperanza was founded in 2003, when founder Patti McCabe realized there was a growing need for a shelter specific to women [...]

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Austin Police Department Does Q&A at Casa

We were very thankful to have members of ADP come visit Casa Marianella this past week. Sadot Azzua, the Austin Police Department's Liaison for Refugee & Immigrant Outreach, along with Officer Bino Cadenas and Officer Jesse Mendoza, both from our district, came to a combined ESL class on Thursday night for Q&A and they were a hit! We loved hearing their personal stories [...]

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We’re Thankful for Spring Support: Fundraisers, Volunteering & More

April was a great month for fundraisers, volunteering, and general love for Casa Marianella and our home for women and children, Posada Esperanza! Here is just a few of the organizations and people we would like to spotlight this month. José Maldonado José Maldonado caught our attention on Instagram - he is an avid crocheter who took [...]

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‘They Live Here, Now’ Premieres at SXSW 2018

It's been a busy 2018 for Casa Marianella thus far! With the excitement of our new home for immigrant families and the success of Amplify 2018, along with all the wonderful continued support we have received from the ATX community, we are truly feeling the love. And now, our good friend and incredible Filmmaker, Jason Outenreath, [...]

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