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Apply to Become a Host!

Host Qualifications

In order to guarantee a pleasant and rewarding experience for both the hosts and the residents we have outlined some requirements and expectations.


  • Host must be able to provide a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Host’s house must be near a bus stop.
  • Hosts must commit to hosting for 3 months.
  • Host must be able to provide a private room (for one or two people).
  • Host must be able to provide some food, including one communal meal a week.
  • Host must provide basic toiletries.


  • Host are expected to work at building a relationship and cultural exchange with the residents.
  • Host are expected to attend a monthly meeting. This will occur after Convivio- a festive community gathering.
  • Host will help as little as possible to help support the development of self-sufficiency.
  • Host do not have to provide transportation.
  • Host do not give money to their residents.
  • Hosts do not help resiedents with their legal case.
  • Host do not need to know where residents are at all times.
  • Host do not need to help residents find housing after the three months. (But may help if they wish)
  • Residents will not consume any drugs or alcohol. Host must be sensitive to this.

Ready to Apply?

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Where is your home located? (Please share exact address) Please also describe the room where the resident will stay and the accommodations provided.
What is your current availability? Is there anything you foresee in the future that will inhibit your ability to fulfill this commitment? (Move, career change, new baby, wedding, vacations, additional guests, etc.)*
Select "Yes" below if you meet the Host/Housing qualifications (listed above) and understand that by committing to the role of Host, you are to uphold the mission of Casa Marianella: