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 Volunteer at the Casa Marianella Adult House

Our volunteer program is very flexible, permitting you to work the hours and days you select. Please email (volunteer@casamarianella.org) and let us know what your interests are and when you would like to get started.

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Teach ESL

  • Casa Marianella provides three levels of free English classes–beginning, intermediate, and advanced–to both Casa residents and members of the community Monday-Thursday, 7:30-9:00 PM, in ten-week terms.  Most of our current Level 2 and 3 residents are from Africa.  As a result, we don’t use Spanish in our ESL classes except sometimes in our Level 1 class which has many students from Latin America but also from Nepal and other places.

  • Our ESL teachers are some of the most amazing volunteers!  They are creative, professional, and fun—and respond the challenges of a volunteer position that is like a part-time job.  Teachers prepare and present their own interactive, practical lessons to one evening class a week (such as a Monday Level 1 class) and therefore commit to teaching once a week for ten weeks.  

  • Additionally, as we are partnering with the Literacy Coalition  Texas, our teachers take their excellent free English Forward ESL instructor training as soon as possible: www.willread.org/literacy-forward-central-texas.

  • If you are interested in teaching ESL at Casa or want more info, contact the ESL Coordinator at esl@casamarianella.org.

Food shift (3 pm, every day)

  • Help cook dinner for the house (30+ people) with Casa staff and residents.  Afterwards, you are invited to sit down and eat dinner with residents! This is a fun way of being at Casa Marianella, and a good opportunity for volunteer-resident interaction.

Administration support

  • Phone support- answer calls, refer calls to appropriate individuals, take messages down, address resident and community needs, make copies, and perform general office duties.

 Casa’s Bike Project 

  •  Assist with basic bicycle repairs such as fixing flats, adjusting brakes, etc.
  • Help organize and maintain on-site bicycle maintenance trailer
  • Donate bicycles, bike lights, bike locks, inner tubes, and other bicycle gear
  • Organize social bike rides with Casa residents

House Repair and Maintenance

  • Volunteers with repair/maintenance experience can share their gifts and skills in minor repairs (patching holes, repairing door handles, installing door stops, etc)

Provide Rides to Immigration or Doctors

  • Agree to receive emails when we need someone to help give rides to residents for medical and legal appointments.

Donations Assistance

  • Donations assistant: help in organizing donations

  • Donations transport:: Provide a pick-up truck to assist in moving donations to residents’ new apartments.

  • Call local dentists and hotels for toothpaste and toiletry donations

  • Table Host: staff tables at fundraisers/events

Assistance for Non-English Speaking Residents

  • Tutor residents in English skills needed for employment applications and interviews.

  • Help with Conversational English tutoring in a group of residents or one-on-one.

  • Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@casamarianella.org for more info.


  • Every last Sunday we host dinner and a celebration of life called ‘’Convivio’ for our residents, ex-residents, volunteers, community members, Casa staff, neighbors, friends, and family. We always need a band to play at the dinner! If you have a band, or know a band that would like to play at Convivio, please email us at volunteer@casamarianella.org.

  • Organize an outing, decorate for a holiday, visit a park, museum, free concert, swimming, etc.

Be creative! 

  • Hold an art exhibit at a local gallery to spread awareness!;

  • host a speaker’s series at your university!;

  • coordinate a film festival about immigration!;

  • help screen print Casa logos on used t-shirts!;

  • or do something completely original.

We always welcome fresh ideas here at Casa and if you have another project or activity you are interested in pursuing as a volunteer, please let us know. Email us for more information: volunteer@casamarianella.org

Volunteer at Posada Esperanza (Women’s House)

Posada Esperanza welcomes all volunteers from the Austin community to serve in a number of roles. Please email (posadaesperanza@casamarianella.org) and let us know what your interests are and when you would like to get started.

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  • Homework Helpers are needed Monday through Thursday between 3 and 7 p.m., to assist our children with their daily schoolwork. Some of our children just need the help focusing, while others might need some tutoring in various subjects. We work with moms and volunteers to offer after school tutoring for the kids — and we need your help!  Though the kiddos are likely to be persistent in trying to get out of homework in favor of playtime, we need you to help us keep them on task!
  • Navigating social services can be a daunting task for anyone, and that is often magnified for our residents who have limited transportation and English-speaking skills, especially when they are new to Austin, to Texas, or even to the United States. Our Appointment Advocates drive Posada residents to their appointments and help to make sure that they have understood all of the needed information and they have communicated their needs.  Appointment advocates operate on a flexible schedule and can either offer specific times they are available, or be available for us to call when we have a particular need.
  • On the weekends, Posada Esperanza is full of excited children with way more energy than we know what to do with! We always appreciate Weekend Volunteers to organize calm, pre-planned crafts projects or educational activities for our children that keep things structured and not chaotic. Some ideas include reading (in both English and Spanish), writing stories together, math practice, science experiments, craft projects, puzzles, teaching and leading the playing of a board game, etc. Weekend volunteers operate on a flexible schedule and can set up specific dates to be available.
  • So many children in and out every day means that Posada Esperanza always needs a little help keeping orderly. We immensely appreciate our Clean-Up Volunteers, who come to Posada on a flexible, as-needed basis to deep clean our houses (scrub walls, cabinets and appliances; clean windows; sweep and mop; etc.), pick up trash from the yard, mow the lawn or do other outside work.
  • Every Tuesday through Friday, Posada Esperanza offers beginner English classes (9:30 to 10:30 a.m.) and advanced English classes (10:30 to 11:30 a.m.) to our moms. Our Morning Education Leaders make the commitment to teach one of these classes one day per week, reinforcing English skills, teaching nutrition lessons, practicing yoga, meditating or working on life skills (parenting, personal finance, goal setting, etc.) We will provide the class materials and topics for the day, but turn the class itself over to you!
  • During this time, we also need Morning Childcare Volunteers to occupy our children that are too young for school, but are full of energy, smiles and fun in the morning.
  • On Friday afternoons (around 3:30 p.m.) and on Saturdays, Posada Esperanza could use some Healthy Helpers to promote our new health initiative to our moms and kids. Prepare a healthy snack or teach a short nutrition lesson to our kids, or even more fun, encourage a game of soccer outside on a nice day. We are open and flexible to your creative energy and ideas. At the end of the day, we want our kids and moms to be healthy and active in 2016!