ESL Students Share Their Stories and Talents!

We were so impressed with the amazing stories, photos and talents shared by our residents, ESL students and members of the Casa community- including a few of our ESL teachers and staff members!

What we loved most was seeing the confidence exuded by our ESL students. For some it can be an intimidating task to be asked to stand up in front of the class and speak English. But with the help of our cheering audience, every student who participated did an excellent job. We are so proud!

ESL teacher, Namitha Kache, weighs in:

“It was amazing to witness our students having the self-assurance to speak in front of a whole classroom of people. I loved listening to their stories and it was incredible to see the progress they have made as ESL students!”

Whether it was Felix, a level 2 student sharing his passion for his job as a Construction Worker, or Rosalie, our beloved staff member sharing her family’s Eastern European immigrant story, every presentation was truly special. We even had some fantastic musical performances! We are truly thankful for such a strong and unbreakable bond within the Casa community, and it touches our hearts to hear the immigration stories of our residents and how thankful they are to be part of the Casa Marianella family. We are so thankful for YOU.

Some Of Our Favorite Photos Of The Night

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our wonderful students! Until next time!