It’s been a busy, busy couple months for Casa Marianella.

News began to spread far and wide that Casa was over double it’s capacity as the border crisis continued to see record numbers of migrants being sent to detention – over 144,000 migrants apprehended or denied entry into the U.S. in June — the largest number in 13 years according to KXAN, who came to Casa to interview residents and find out more about the crisis at hand.

Because of this, we’ve seen more mentions of Casa in the press recently, along with a rise in donations and helping hands willing to come out and volunteer with Casa Marianella. We cannot say thank you enough for this support as it means the world. Today we’re sharing the links to some important news stories and volunteer stories that everyone should read, as part of our press wrap-up for summer 2019!


KXAN did a strong educational piece on Casa’s current capacity issues and highlighted the current border crisis. They also did a wonderful video piece which you can view HERE.


Fox 7 did a fantastic story interviewing our residents about their stories, including Nzenze.

An excerpt:

“Nzenze spoke five different languages including Spanish. She said she picked up Spanish while she was traveling through Latin America in search of a better life. She said the Congo was violent and she wanted to live in a place with democracy and freedom. 

“I found peace in this house,” Nzenze said.”

University of Tennessee

The University of Tennessee has been fantastic – sending their volunteers around the world to help organizations in need – Casa Marianella being one of them!

Austin Monthly

Austin Monthly published an article last month about the Sunday Bloody Sunday Block Party on Rainey Street – which benefited Casa Marianella.

Their mission was to: “help end Period Poverty in Austin, Texas on June 23rd!

This block party will help raise funding for Period Austin in order to provide menstrual products to the shelters in need and bring awareness to our local Austin community of the struggles that homeless people face and to break the taboo of periods.”