At Casa Marianella, we shelter immigrants and asylum seekers in needs from across the globe: from Iraq to El Salvador, Eritrea to Mexico.

We’re committed to helping our residents stand on their own two feet again and become fully self sufficient in the ATX community and beyond. American Gateways has been largely impactful for our residents, offering free Asylum Application clinics every month.

We spoke with Sofia, a member of our legal team at Casa Marianella, about the benefits of these clinics for residents and how the wider community can get involved.

Where and when does this clinic typically take place?

The American Gateways Asylum Application clinic happens the second Friday of every month. We take our residents to the San Antonio office.

How has this clinic helped Casa residents specifically?

The clinic allows current and former residents to ensure they’re meeting the one-year deadline for applying for asylum. Asylum Applications are an important part of many residents’ court cases and should be completed with the assistance of knowledgeable, trained personnel. When residents are unable to contract a lawyer to assist them, the clinic is the next best option for them to accurately and confidently take this step in the asylum seeking process.

How did you hear about this initiative?

I learned about this initiative through my work with the Casa Marianella Legal Clinic.

Who is welcome at the event and how do you attend?

Current and former residents of Casa Marianella and Posada Esperanza who are coming up on their one-year deadline, or whose judge has specifically requested they submit their asylum application, and do not already have legal representation are encouraged to contact the Casa Marianella Legal Clinic in order to participate.

If someone is interested in attending, please contact Casa Marianella and ask to be put in touch with Sofia Kimball. An alternative for people who want to handle the process solo would be to go to the American Gateways help desk at the San Antonio Immigration Court.

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