Casa’s First Annual Summer ESL Game Night!

Our first annual ESL Summer Game Night was a blast! Students and teachers alike gathered on a warm June afternoon to enjoy various convivial activities planned by our very own creative ESL Coordinator. A few of the games we played included Sponge Races, Water Balloon Relays, “Run Waiter Run,” Water Balloon Pops, Water Balloon Tosses, Broomstick Relays (Sweep the ball around the cone) and “Stand Up.”


Game night was full of fun, fellowship and laughter. With the aid of many water balloons, everyone stayed cool (if not soaking wet!) the entire evening. We look forward to many more of these lively, communal gatherings in the years to come. Go Team Casa!


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Ashley volunteered as an ESL teacher at Casa Marianella for several years. She now manages the website and supports the marketing team to help spread the word about Casa's incredible mission! You can reach her at:

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