Improv Games Night was such a hit! The evening was led by Amy Knop-Narbutis, three of her colleagues from local improv workshops, & ESL teachers Jedda, Max, & Camille. The games played included Bunny Bunny, Eights, Mirroring, Pass the Clap, Rock Paper Scissors and many more! In the words of our beloved ESL Coordinator:

“We all laughed so much! My favorite part, besides the laughter, was seeing residents & other students show a creative, good-at-acting side that I hadn’t seen before!”

We love having ESL nights like these! The activities help to build community & relationships which lead to more conversation, to teach & use language in a different setting than the usual classroom, to have cooperative learning & interaction across all the levels, and to have fun together! These experiences are positive and healing in so many ways.
A huge thanks to Amy and her improv crew, the Monday night ESL teachers and all of our fun-loving, talented residents who attended and participated. We look forward to many more future game nights!