We had an incredible time at MIGRANT, a multi-media event that deals with the human migration theme and pays homage to the cultural richness that immigrants have brought to the United States. What a beautiful, peaceful night!

What is MIGRANT about?

‘MIGRANT’s main focus is to bring about a better understanding and a clearer perception of ideas and sentiments that the local community has about migrants and immigrants. This project is an artistic collaboration to which many different people volunteered their talents. Many artists, both professional and non-professional, come together to make this project come to life. Besides being an artistic collaboration, MIGRANT is intergenerational, interfaith, and multi-cultural. This special event highlights the artistic expression of our migrant and immigrant community members living in Austin, Texas.’

We’d like to thank Francisco Chavez, MIGRANTE Project Director & longtime Casa volunteer along with the rest of the team and staff for putting the event together!

MUSIC: Los Revueltos del Norte Spirit of Drums Roleros Cósmicos, Francisco Chávez y amig@s, Karen Green, Leslie Aguirre, Mayela Sheper, José Macías, Yonnel Augustin, Jake Flaming, Enrique García, Andrea Barrera, Raymond Weyandt, Rita Ricardo, Dulce Aguilar García

ART, DANCE and POETRY: Alejandro Moreno, Emily Arenas, Lucía Chávez, Marce García, Sandra Castañeda, Mary Emahdy, Pedro Ruggero