Last week, our beloved ESL Student David Roman and his family generously provided a dinner for the ESL teachers and staff in appreciation for all. The food was fantastic and included delicious tacos of many varieties, fresh homemade salsa and ice cream (just to mention a few)!

We would like to give a huge shout-out to David and his family as we are so grateful for their kindness, generosity! Thank you for providing us with an opportunity to gather together as a community and to enjoy each other’s company over a lovely meal. Also a big thanks to all of you who came to the appreciation dinner for teachers and staff! Thank you for recognizing and honoring David and his family.

David will be returning to Mexico when his tourist visa runs out in 2 weeks. He will be very missed. His family also said they would like to attend ESL class soon. Go team Casa!


Photography by the ESL Coordinator