At Casa Marianella, we offer many services, ranging from legal support to housing to ESL courses to help our residents get comfortable speaking in English in their new community. Our ESL classes are in the evenings from Monday to Thursday and are open to the greater Austin community. We asked our wonderful ESL students what they enjoy about Casa, and they submitted some wonderful answers that we’d love to share. We have kept some of their answers anonymous for the security of these residents.

Students Share What They Love About Casa

  • “I love Casa because they help people from different countries & different cultures all in the same way & with one love.”
  • “I love Casa because they make my future good and I now know so many things that I didn’t know before I came came to English classes & got a job here.  I also love how respectful that everyone is for one another and how thy take care care of us really well.  I really love seeing humanity in Casa.  I am from Eritrea.”
  • “I love Casa because when I came to the USA from my country, my friend in detention told me about Casa and I sent them a letter.  After that Casa sent me a letter with the answer that I was accepted and I was so happy because I don’t have family in the USA. That’s what I especially love about Casa and all of Casa’s workers.  I pray for a long life for Casa.  For me, Casa means my family.  May God bless all Casa’s workers for helping all people who have had to separate from their families. I am from Eritrea.”
  • “I love Casa Marianella because of the good respect & very nice good school.”
  • “I love Casa Marianella because now I know many people and because it helps me learn English language.  I’m grateful that Casa helps all people.”
  • “I love Casa Marianella because of the good relationships.  It is a good facility for the people who are asking for asylum in USA.  I am from Eritrea.”
  • “I love Casa Marianella because I feel I am with my family, from the day I was released from detention until now.  They do a great job. They help me with my cases and to be integrated with different parts of the world as part of a community. Thank you for giving me this chance. I am from Eritrea.”
  • “I love Casa Marianella because Casa Marianella helps people.  My name is Jermal.”
  • “I love Casa because they help stranded people and they love each other.  They help many people with all things. They do things with love.” –  Abrham
  • “I love Casa Marianella because Casa helps me with housing and food.  Thank you. ” – Teame

Teacher Quotes About Their Experience at Casa:

  • “I love Casa Marianella because people from all over the world join together to create a better future for themselves, their families, & their communities.” – Amy K
  • “I love Casa because it helps all kinds of people.  Casa meets everyone where they are in life and prepares them for their future. Casa represents the ATX community of inclusion and diversity.” –  Johnathan S

ESL Student Quote After APD Visit to Casa:

  • “I just want to thank you because in my home country police officers don’t even see me as a human being but you think that I am a human being.  Thank you very much.”

We are so thankful for our students, teachers, and our wonderful ESL Coordinator.