Vita Shoes’ Project to Benefit Posada Kids

We’re thrilled to announce that Vita Shoes Company is partnering with Posada Esperanza as part of their FIRST La Vita E Bella project, which aims to give our Posada kids the chance to explore their creativity by customizing their very OWN pair of Vita sneakers through this fun workshop!

What is even MORE incredible is that our Posada kids will also learn about how to become more environmentally conscious, as Vita Shoes is committed to being environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

Some incredible local Austin business are also sponsoring this project:
  • Via 313 Pizza
  • Magnificent Marketing
  • Lincoln-Goldfinch Law
  • Emancipet
  • Treasure City Thrift

A monetary donation will also be made to Posada Esperanza of Casa Marianella.

How Did Vita Shoes Come About?

Vita’s founder, Daniel Abaraoha, always loved sneakers and started designing them when his family couldn’t even afford a decent pair of shoes. Despite his family’s economic state, serving the less fortunate was an important value for him growing up. He went on various mission trips and served multiple times at homeless shelters but somehow it didn’t seem like he was doing enough. He wanted to do more. So he got the notion to combine his passion for designing sneakers to meet the persistent needs of the poor throughout his community and beyond, and Vita Shoes were born!

When is the Project and How Can You Support?

April 14th is the project date, and we will be keeping Casa supporters updated as our Posada kids complete their custom shoes!

You can support the La Vita E Bella project and its expansion by purchasing a pair of Vita Shoes. Thank you for supporting Posada kids and this incredible project.


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