The Power of Community

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our efforts to clean up the backyard of Casa Salaam – our newest home for two-parent immigrant families. It has been a long road, but Casa Salaam is finally open to immigrant families, with our first family already moved in.

Casa Salaam, a sister home of Casa Marianella, has a mission to keep families TOGETHER and support them on their way to self sufficiency. It warms our hearts to know that so many people care about uplifting these families and supporting their journey.

A Backyard Transformed

With the help of many hands, we were able to improve the backyard substantially, through raking, removing weeds and poison ivy, tree trimming, and much more. Our green thumbs united to improve the backyard to a point where our residents’ children will soon be able to run around in it, and the community can collectively enjoy relaxing in. It was incredible to see past residents come by to help in the effort as well, and we got to catch many beautiful reunions between friends in the community!

After the clean up, we enjoyed a cool down which included delicious taquitos, salad, guacamole, sauces, and drinks. We then had a ribbon-cutting ceremony which saw our youngest residents of Casa Salaam cutting a ribbon to signify the opening of Casa Salaam. It was a beautiful moment to witness – and we couldn’t have done it without the support and love of the Casa community. Thank you to all who have supported Casa in our mission to provide emergency services to immigrants across the globe. We appreciate you all!

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