Thank you again all who attended & participated in our 2nd Annual ESL Show & Tell Night! We have a few highlights to share from the show, along with an amazing video filmed and edited by our own social media guru, Sonia Singh!


A few of the staff shared about their favorite presentation:

“Mine was Leaticia’s : ) She did such a good job explaining how important beer and goats are in completing a marriage proposal. I don’t think I could hang in a wedding that last 11 PM to 6 AM! Whew!  Thanks, KP and Julia for making last night’s class so special and possible! : )”

-Brooke Van Court

“What a fabulous show!

There were so many good presentations at the talent show.  Leaticia’s is a close second for me.

The camaraderie and enthusiasm of the group is really my favorite part.  Our ESL Coordinator is responsible for that!!

My favorite was Josue taking forever to find his favorite music video on his phone, standing at the front smiling so sweetly and then at long last romantic music starts playing and he is narrating it… is a love story (the theme of the evening: love)…romantic, inspiring music…”she is the wife”….romantic music “ah, and she is the girl friend”… romantic music… “the wife doesn’t like the girlfriend”…  all in a sweet voice.  It was like an SNL skit back when SNL was good.”

-Paula Blaha

“It really was special that Tesfaghergish started us out with the theme of love (he decided on that topic the first night, too) which ended up permeating the whole evening through both the speakers and the audience, particularly you all.  I’m still smiling as I think of it.

I was telling Julia that it takes a village and that I’m so thankful to be part of the village with you all! “

-The ESL Coordinator

Thank you all for bringing your love, encouragement, positivity, warmth, support, care, smiles, laughter, and loud cheers!