Mark Your Calendar For March 2, 2017! 24 Hours of Giving!

Create an Individual Fundraiser Today and Help Support Casa Marianella!

We’re thrilled that Amplify 2017 is coming up! Amplify ATX is a 24 hour fundraising event that encourages the Austin, TX community to donate to their favorite nonprofits and other great organizations. With your help, we can make our total fundraising goal of $25,000 this year. In 2016, we raised DOUBLE what we raised in 2015 and came out of Amplify with over $14,000 in funds. There is no limit to what we can achieve in 2017!

Now more than ever it is important to support our refugee community with open arms and open hearts. We cannot operate without the continuous love and help from countless Austinites and other people from across the nation who have contributed to our great cause. We work hard to shelter refugees and asylum seekers from across the globe, proving food, legal services, ESL courses, an oriental medicine clinic, and much more.

We hope you will consider donating to our Amplify ATX effort! You can do so before Amplify ATX even begins! Simply visit to make a one time payment at or before March 2, 2017. Although you can easily make a one time payment at any time, we highly encourage you to create an individual campaign fundraiser to help us raise funds for Casa Marianella. Every donation you receive on your Individual Campaign will be tallied on your individual page and also filtered into the final campaign goal for Casa Marianella.

Individual campaign creation for Casa Marianella 2017 Amplify ATX! Support refugees today!

Creating Your Individual Campaign

Amplify ATX has made it simple for you to create your individual Casa campaign! Simply visit our campaign page at and click ‘Create a Fundraising Campaign’ to get started!

To make things easier, we’ve broken down how to create your own campaign, simply click below to view our handout on how to easily create your individual campaign, step-by-step.


We appreciate your support of Casa Marianella and we can’t wait to see what Amplify ATX 2017 has in store!