We had a blast at This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, & This Girl Does Nothing, a production of the Performance as Public Practice Student Alliance in collaboration with graduate students in the Drama & Theatre for Youth & Communities (DTYC) MFA program at UT Austin.

The actors are on the back row are Lina Chambers &  Kriston Woodreaux.
In the middle row in the brown overalls & yellow scarf is Sam Provenzano, who was also the director of UT’s fall production of Anon(ymous) & visited our classes then along with the cast!
The bottom row are musician Jada Cadena Ally Tufenkjian.

All the actors portrayed different roles but primarily these: Kriston portrayed the father & narrator while Lina, Sam, & Ally portrayed the triplet sisters, each with distinct personalities, interests, & gifts which at age 11 led them on different life paths.  Over the years, they grew personally & impacted the world in different ways, & were finally led back to one another at age 31 & together celebrated their lives, individuality, & unity.

Huge shout-out Paula and our ESL Coordinator for taking the residents and members of the public to the play. It was great to see Eveline, Victoria, Victor, FranciscoMerlin Alis & Yarithza enjoying the play.
Thank you to Cecelia who rounded up folks to go & helped us on our way!
The actors performed with household props on a rug in the middle, so the whole feel was as if a really imaginative group of family members were performing in your living room.  We were inches away, making eye contact with the actors who were as energetic as they could be in this fast-paced adventure.

The Casa crew was so awesome, smiling & absorbed in the action!  We loved looking around & seeing everyone embracing the experience!  We had a wonderful time on Tuesday as we discussed the play’s themes & our personal experiences with those topics.

Overall, a truly wonderful experience! Thank you to the UT Theatre Department for inviting us!

Blog Author: ESL Coordinator
Photo Credit: ESL Coordinator