March 27, 2018

Another epic Show and Tell Night for the books! The musical numbers were exceptional and I was so captivated by the many gripping and memorable stories told by our dear residents.

I was especially moved by Jon’s story. Jon is so dedicated to serving Casa. He has been involved for over 30 years, served on the board and he is now teaching ESL classes at Casa. Jon told us he is the grandson of a refugee and explained how his father was a Rabbi who advocated for Central American refugees in Arizona. His father’s passion for helping those who feel misplaced was then passed down to Jon and then to his own daughters, who are now interested in helping immigrants and refugees like their father.

Other super star performers included ESL teacher, Erica, discussing and playing the concertina, Mohamed from Sudan talking about China and software and Giomar from Cuba telling us about his career as a personal trainer. We also heard from Rosa Lidia from El Salvador talking about her daughter, as well as Lisbeth (also from El Salvador) explaining her love for cooking pupusas.

Seidou from Togo told us about his journey and we were serenaded with beautiful songs by Eveline from DRC. Emperatriz from El Salvador shared information about his hobby of doll making. Amadou from Guinea told an outrageous story about a lion in his grandfather’s village who tried to eat everyone! We ended with Pedro from Mexico singing “Hey Jude” and Juan Hignio from Guatemala on the drums.


The atmosphere was full of warmth and laughter. I was blown away by each resident’s gift and was inspired by their courageous, bold and beautiful performances. Here’s to many more wonderful nights like these shared and enjoyed with the Casa family!

Photo Credit: ESL Coordinator