Ten years ago, St. Luke’s Episcopal Health Charities awarded Casa Marianella its very first grant to provide medical case management, medical care, medical equipment, transportation and housing for 50 sick and injured homeless immigrants living in our shelter as well as health education classes for Casa Marianella residents and members of the immigrant community at-large.

In the past decade, Casa Marianella’s budget and ability to serve has grown by 250%. St. Luke’s Episcopal Health Charities evolved into the Episcopal Health Foundation, which now awards $33 million a year in grants to improve individual healthcare, access to healthcare, ease of enrollment and the health systems themselves for vulnerable Texans.

Three Year Grant Provides Casa with Expanded Resources

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As part of their strategic plan, Episcopal Health Foundation just awarded Casa Marianella $135,000 a year for three years to help Austin immigrants improve their health, enroll in healthcare programs and safety net benefits and access affordable medical and mental health care. That is a total of $405,000 over the course of three years! The program, Community Immigrant Health, serves current and former Casa Marianella shelter residents as well as clients of other local agencies and members of Austin’s immigrant community at-large. Services are provided at no charge by Casa’s expanded Benefits Clinic and shelter case managers.

This three year grant provides Casa Marianella with expanded resources and the stability to maintain the growing program through 2021.

The Episcopal Health Foundation works to improve the health and well-being of the 10 million people in the 57 counties of the Episcopal Diocese by investing in communities through grant-making, outreach to Diocesan churches and critical research to advance community health.

Immigrant children

Casa Marianella is thrilled to be a part of something so monumental, and we are so grateful for the Episcopal Health Foundation’s generosity and support. It is through this incredible support that we are able to continue our 32 year mission of servicing homeless immigrantsand asylum seekers in need.

You can learn more about the Episcopal Health Foundation’s mission HERE