Casa Marianella has been around for over 30 years, founded on the belief that homeless immigrants should have a safe space in our community.

To this day, we are the only homeless shelter in ATX dedicated solely to servicing immigrants in need. We work to protect and shelter men, women and children fleeing warn torn countries, domestic abuse, and other terrible crises. Most of our residents come to us from immigration detention centers across Texas.

Over the years, as the Casa family has grown, so have our traditions. Casa is the modern family, made up of people from all backgrounds, faiths, and races.

Show and Tell

One of our traditions is Show and Tell night, a special night dedicated to our residents and anything they wish to share. This could be a story, a hobby, or something meaningful in their lives. Many come prepared with a powerpoint presentation, a lesson to teach, or an object to show. Show and Tell night is a great way to help build the confidence of the residents and help with their speaking skills. Everyone in the audience is always encouraging, loving and accepting.

In the past, we’ve have residents present:

  • Poetry
  • The importance of gratitude
  • Wedding customs in in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Swimming in the Red Sea
  • Guitar solos

Show and Tell, Immigration, ATX


One of our longest running traditions is Convivio. Convivio happens every last Sunday of the month where everyone gets together and enjoys delicious food, live music, fellowship and dancing!

Everyone is encouraged to attend, including past residents, who we love to see! Former staff member, Josh Collier, has stated that Convivio serves as a time “to pause, give thanks for life, food, music, and a supportive community to pass the tempests of the times.”

You can read more about the history of Convivio HERE

Thank you for supporting Casa Marianella through it all. And cheers to plenty more traditions to come!

Photo credit: ESL Coordinator