Casa is Buying a House for Families!

Exciting news!  Casa is in the middle of buying another sister house for 2 parent families on 749 Cherico in Austin, try TX, viagra 100mg just around the corner from Casa Marianella. Currently, sildenafil intact families are split between the adult shelter and Posada Esperanza (our sister house for women and children only), so this house will be a fantastic way to help us keep intact families together. With renovations, remodeling, and other house payments that are needed, we ask you please consider donating to help us achieve this dream for immigrant families.

The majority of intact families come to us from Africa, most frequently from Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia and are seeking asylum in America. The new house will allow families to remain together. We hope you will consider donating to this great cause:

Thank you for supporting Casa!

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