We are beyond thrilled to share with the Austin community that Casa Marianella has been awarded $52,000 to be used to renovate the back house of our newest home for two-parent immigrant families, Casa Salaam. On top of this fantastic news, we are pleased to share that Casa Salaam has also welcomed its first two-parent immigrant family from Africa!

Casa Salaam’s Mission

As a part of Casa Marianella, Casa Salaam shares the same core mission to provide home-like facilities designed to meet emergency or transitional needs so vulnerable and injured people can resolve their immediate crisis, become stabilized and once again become independent. The entire Casa family promotes self sufficiency (successful exits from Casa Marianella that lead to affordable housing and sufficient income), and we work tirelessly to provide the care needed to help our immigrant families get back on their feet. Casa Salaam is unique in the sense that it is specifically for two-parent immigrant families, keeping parents and their children together as they work towards a bright future in the United States.

Casa Salaam’s Incredible Progress





Casa Salaam’s front house has two bedrooms for two families. Our back house will have space for another family, and renovations should start in September.

Our Incredible Donors

We cannot say thank you enough to all of our incredible donors and supporters. Specifically, we would like to thank the following for their substantial contributions to Casa Salaam:

  • The Meadows Foundation ($52,000)
  • The Still Water Foundation ($40,000)
  • Pat Ford, a local realtor in Austin
  • University Christian Church

Casa Marianella is proud to offer such impactful services to our immigrant community in Austin, TX. It is with your love and support that we continue to improve the lives of countless immigrants and asylum seekers from across the globe. We are incredibly fortunate to open up our doors to two-parent immigrant families, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for Casa Salaam.

Photo Credit: Ashley Davis