We had a fantastic time at our ESL Summer Show and Tell event this past Tuesday evening!

As the sun set and the heat subsided, all three levels of students came together in the Level 2 classroom to share their stories, hobbies, photos, and more. The classroom was lit perfectly with twinkling lights, with a cozy and welcoming ambiance floating around the room.  It was incredible to see our students feel so comfortable standing in front of so many of their peers and Casa ESL teachers. If a student was nervous at first, the entire room made them feel at ease with constant cheering and encouragement.


A Few highlights Include:

  • New Level 1 student, Annabella, telling the class about how her children inspire her every day, and how much she loves and values them.
  • Level 3 student, KoKo, talking about his job, how important it is to him, and how Casa Marianella has encouraged him.
  • Level 3 student, Pedro, singing and playing the guitar for the entire class.
  • Level 3 student and professional singer, Kevin, singing ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’.
  • Level 2 student, Roberto, speaking about his home country.


We are excited to continue with the incredible tradition of Show and Tell night, and we want to send a special thank you to our wonderful ESL Coordinator for all that she does for Casa Marianella, along with our wonderful and gracious volunteer ESL teachers and incredible Casa staff members. We hope you will enjoy the photos. What a night!

Photo/Video Credit: Ashley Davis
Video Credit: Sonia Singh