Last Sunday at Convivio we enjoyed having residents DJ their favorite tunes! We also shared delicious food from Aster’s Ethiopian and cooking by Queta, Sofia Gladys.

In the words of our beloved staff member Kate Poor,

“It’s been a lovely night at Casa. Convivio and dancing and lots of community bonding.”

Several JVC (Jesuit Volunteer Corps) members, friends of staff member Cecelia Forberg also attended Convivio. These JVs are participating in a 1-year post grad program that partners recent grads with social service agencies. The program is grounded by four values: community, simplicity, service, and social justice. Here in Austin, there are currently 6 JVs who live together for the year in intentional community while working at various social service agencies throughout the city.

Grants Manager Karen Wolman along with her daughter Ariana were a part of the Convivio crew as well. Ariana (photo below) sports her new T-shirt from the recent “Build Hope Not Walls” event, which she attended and also contributed photos she took of the art work.

It was yet another splendid evening at Casa, full of fun, food and fellowship!

Convivio takes place at Casa Marianella the last Sunday of every month. Follow the link below to learn more about Convivio and please join us November 23rd (Thanksgiving Day) for another epic celebration!