We had a blast at our latest Show and Tell night at Casa Marianella. Filled with laughter and love, we were able to once again hear the meaningful stories and life lessons our residents chose to tell, see personal photos, and witness the beautiful symbolic items they brought with them to share with the class.

Show and Tell nights gives our ESL teachers a chance to take a step back and allow students to take center stage, which can be a daunting task for students at first ! However, our students never cease to surprise and impress us, and this Show and Tell night was no different. As our residents become more comfortable speaking English in front of large groups, they also build camaraderie with their fellow students and teachers.

ESL Teacher, Grace Wasson, on October’s Show and Tell

“Show and Tell Nights at Casa Marianella are always fun and inspiring. The one that took place a few weeks ago was filled with art, music, and storytelling. I really enjoyed Juan’s discussion on how transportation is more than cars, buses, bikes, etc. He explained that our bodies are vehicles that transport us through time and how we should all be thankful our bodies have transported us this far in life. I also thought Nancy’s poem on how Casa Marianella has become her home was beautiful and touching, and she even built a mini Casa out of boxes to accompany her presentation! German sang a song about his love for his daughter, which I thought was amazing as well. There were so many awesome performances it’s hard not to name them all. Show and Tell Nights are very special to the students, as well as the teachers and staff, because it allows us to become closer and more confident with one another throughout everyone’s stay at Casa Marianella. “


Photos From Show and Tell Night

photo credit: Blair Pettit