We’re thrilled to one of the 2017 Boomerang grantees as part of the Kindle Project!

Boomerang is a fairly new project that gives artists the power to pay-it-forward and recommend organizations for Kindle Project funds. Stated on their website, “Boomerang seeks to shed light upon and creatively catalyze unseen opportunities by widening who influences philanthropic resources.” 

This year, Boomerang switched it up a bit. Here’s what they had to say about 2017’s project:

“We asked our Boomerang Flow Funders to recommend projects in the field they know best: the arts. Tapping into community wisdom. Making a powerful collection of small grants to one focused area. Discovering new audacious creative projects. “

Artist Jules Buck Jones decided to recommend Casa Marianella to receive this year’s grant, stating her inspiration:  “Casa Marianella has been supporting refugees and immigrants for the past 29 years in East Austin. In this political climate, with so many things that need support, I think Casa Marianella can use this grant. I live in the same neighborhood, around the block, and I want my neighbors to be successful.”

Thank you to Jules and the incredible team at the Kindle Project for your kindness and support.


Learn more now at kindleproject.org/announcing-2017-boomerang-grantees/