It’s been a busy 2018 for Casa Marianella thus far! With the excitement of our new home for immigrant families and the success of Amplify 2018, along with all the wonderful continued support we have received from the ATX community, we are truly feeling the love. And now, our good friend and incredible Filmmaker, Jason Outenreath, has just premiered his film, They Live Here, Now at SXSW 2018! They Live Here, Now is an intimate portrait into the lives of residents at Casa Marianella.

They Live Here, Now SXSW Premiere Receives Great Support

Speaking about the premiere and the reaction it garnered, Jason said:

“Being an Austin film, it was a huge honor to share it with the greater Austin community at SXSW. The response was really positive, and it’s clear that a lot of people not just in Texas, but nationwide, are interested in seeing immigrants receive the dignity, respect, and rights that all human beings deserve. The most exciting aspect of the premiere was definitely being able to share the experience with the community of Casa Marianella, and that was also the most nerve-racking part of the screenings. It was important to me that Casa Marianella like the film, and feel that it accurately captured at least a part of the experiences of the residents. I spent over three years making it, and I couldn’t have done it without the support of Jennifer, staff members, volunteers, and of course, the many generous residents to whom I spoke.”

We thank Jason for sharing the stories of our residents in such a respectful, moving, and gracious way. The premiere was a success and the film screened 3 times at SXSW. Thank you to everyone who came out to support the film, including our staff and volunteers!

We’re reminded constantly of the importance of acceptance. Because the community has welcomed and embraced our mission at Casa to support homeless immigrants and asylum seekers in need, we are able to provide accommodation, food, legal services, ESL courses, transport, medicine, and so much more to those who in desperate need. Our residents have incredible stories, and we are thankful that many were told through this film. Without a doubt, films like They Live Here, Now help spread acceptance, humanity, and empathy.

Photo Credit: ESL Coordinator

Watch the Trailer for They Live Here, Now