We were very thankful to have members of ADP come visit Casa Marianella this past week.

ADP Visits Casa MarianellaSadot Azzua, the Austin Police Department’s Liaison for Refugee & Immigrant Outreach, along with Officer Bino Cadenas and Officer Jesse Mendoza, both from our district, came to a combined ESL class on Thursday night for Q&A and they were a hit!

We loved hearing their personal stories of how and why they became police officers as well as their clear and helpful answers to our students’ questions.  We are excited about following up with a visit to their nearby station, more Q&A, and a visit from their bike safety division!
Thank you to Chloe Scarborough from RST for introducing us to Sadot Azzua!  Sadot came for a prior visit to Casa as well, brought over a huge box of donations, and arranged for the officers’ visit.  Thank you so much, Sadot Azzua, Officer Cadenas, & Officer Mendoza for your time and helpful advice and tips.


Photo Credit: ESL Coordinator